Hello, I am in search of an estimate for a variety of projects around my house. Here's the list:

  1. Repair damaged soffit and deal with the source of the damage

    Soffit damage

    The roof is about 25' above ground:

    ladder placement
  2. Straighten window frame on a second-floor window.

    The window does not seal on the left side when attempting to close it and as you can see from the picture it's about .5" off.

    crooked window

  3. Install access door under a porch.

    It's 3'3" from top of trim to bottom of trim and I don't have much experience with access doors but 2'5" square seems reasonable for an access door.

    access door location
  4. Install new exterior door and frame.

    Door is 6'11" tall but needs to be raised up 6" to align with floor inside the door and provide adequate clearance.

    exterior door
  5. Reverse hinges on two interior doors.

    Bedroom door is 83" tall by 35" wide including trim (2.5" wide each side)

    bedroom door from hallbedroom door from room

    Bathroom door is 80" tall by 33" wide including trim (2.5" wide each side)

    bathroom door from kitchenbathroom door from inside

    Another contractor already looked at the bathroom door and thought he could re-use it since I was ok with it opening into the kitchen.

  6. Garage interior roof issue(s)

    There are screws holding a particle board against one of my walls and they're all backed out at least an inch. The board also has several rather large protrusions. The garage has moisture issues, likely due to a lack of ventilation, so please include a means of addressing the moisture issue in your estimate.

    particle board head onparticle board at an angle

    They missed the rafter in many places when nailing down the roof.

    missed the rafter

    I keep finding wood particles on my stuff in various places including underneath the areas where the screws appear to be backing out.

    wood pariclessource of wood particles